R. J. Twitchell & Co. has been a family business since its inception in 1943 and still remains a small organization dedicated to close customer relationships:

  • 1943 - Oscar Twitchell starts the business. He sells mostly Dempster Dumpster systems to road construction companies and to industrial plants handling their own refuse on site. Areas covered include the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Delaware, and southern/middle New Jersey.

  • 1945 - Shortly after his return from serving as a US Army officer in World War II, Oscar's son Bob Twitchell joins his father in the business.

  • 1965 - Bob incorporates the business and expands coverage to all of New Jersey.

  • 1982 - Bob's son Jim Twitchell joins the business and expands coverage to the Baltimore, MD metropolitan area.

  • 1993 - R. J. Twitchell & Co. celebrates 50 years of providing equipment, parts, and service to the private, national account, municipal, and industrial sectors.

  • 1995 - Add the EZ Pack line of refuse bodies.

  • 2018 - Looking forward to 75 years of excellent service!
R. J. Twitchell & Co